Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dreary winter fun with spring 2012 catalogs

While the winter landscape is bleak and dreary spring 2012 catalogs give respite. My favorites are; Seed Savers Exchange, Bountiful Gardens, One Green World, territorial and forestfarm. This next month is all about planning out my new garden beds, and adding to existing garden beds. Think living mulch, ground covers, plants, flowers, herbs, bushes, shrubs and trees. Nuts, fruits, berries, nitrogen fixers and more.

It's also pre-order time at Food Forest Farm. They have quite a few plants that are hard to find. From ground covers that are nitrogen fixing to rare perennial edibles like spinach vine. They also carry plants suggested in many permaculture books like comfrey, sea kale, sweet cicely and more.

So while things are chill and miserable outside read, daydream and order seeds, pre-order plants for this years garden.

  • Commit. To yourself. Your family or loved ones.
  • Be healthier, if that's only walking then walk. Don't fool yourself you don't have to have a world changing new years resolution that by fall you'll be running marathons or triathlons, just be active.
  • Eat healthier, if it's just cutting out soda pop or one less fast food meal that's a start. Long term goals are to cut out soda, coffee, alcohol, ciggerettes and anything else food related that effects your physical well being.
  • Change yourself. Your you. Perfection is grossly overrated. You are worth it. Take time, if it's a yoga class [that's my me time] or just a 15 minute time-out for yourself then take it. Your mental well being will help everyone around you find peace.

If your a beginner grow an edible plant in a pot or ground.

Change your landscape, change your life. Edibles can be beautiful, and are more than just looking at.

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